Sex crazed chat lines - Dating fender stratocaster neck

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of specific information on these instruments other than that they are typically very good instruments.I've never been able to find anything in regards to any specific differences between the Fenders and Squiers that came out of this plant..fact everything I've ever seen seems to indicate that there really aren't any differences at all.

Good luck, Jim Hi, I'm trying to date a Squier and all references on the web say "refer to the Fender serial number dating service"looking at e.g. My serial number E673928 indicates 1984-87However nothing I can find specifically says Fender Squier - so am I right in assuming that this list applies to Squiers (as opposed to regular Fenders - if in fact that is such a thing as a non-Squier Fender made in Japan?

That's probably not what you were looking for but I hope it helps! I always thought it was a based off a '57, as it has an 8 hole, 1 ply pickguard, and a 50's style neck profile, radius, and trust rod adjustment.

I'm sure there's a few lemons running around out there.

Certainly there have been some comments made in regards to the Contemporary MIJ's with the System 1 trems where the fine adjusters have a tendency to strip in general the instruments that came out of the Fuji Gen plant...

Fender and Squier a like..a well earned reputation for being very high quality.