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I don’t know if he really has time for a girlfriend or if he even cares about me.

I feel desperate and clingy.” If you, too, feel desperate and clingy, read 5 Signs You’re Emotionally Smothering Your Boyfriend (and How to Stop! There is no “one size fits all” answer that applies to every relationship.

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So your boyfriend will WANT to spend time with you because you are healthy, happy, and whole.

Here’s the rest of my reader’s comment: “He’s my first boyfriend, and we got back together after 12 years apart,” says D. We ran into each other eight months ago and were excited to get back together.

In a new survey conducted by an online dating service, three-quarters of women said they were unlikely to date a man who is unemployed.

Only one-third of the guys surveyed, by contrast, refuse to go with women who don’t have jobs.

You don’t have to break up with him or even talk about pausing your relationship.