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By the time Ryder came back, Hollywood had stopped making or releasing movies like .It’s a problem that crushed an entire generation of (to be fair, mostly white) actresses and was part of what led a whole generation to flock to television for meaty roles.Women don’t get to age into grizzled character actors because Hollywood flicks are mostly “a bunch of dudes and a babe.” The star vehicles go to the top-tier actresses of the moment, with everyone else fighting for scraps. Despite the systematic inequities, Ryder never truly vanished, at least not after she “came back” in 2006. She made three films in 2009 (go rent in late 2000.

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Ryder took an allegedly self-imposed three-year break from acting.

She has since worked pretty consistently in indie flicks, TV movies and at least one high-profile TV show, and with small roles in periodic biggies like (which eventually starred Will Ferrell and Radha Mitchell), the media frenzy over her “cry for help” incident may not have been the defining act in her slump.

But soon after dating for a year, the couple started having differences and in the year 2014, the couple separated.

Source: Lotz and Maciej Zakoscielny) After separation from Maciej, she has found the love of her life.

That’s especially true if you were someone who considered themselves a little different from the rest.