Damage control dating

The problem is, things seem to be getting worse instead of better, and a backlash is building.

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(If you only have three search results for your name, and two of them make you look like a psycho, that’s bad.

If there are fifty results, those two instances seem like bad days, not a comprehensive picture of who you are.) If you don’t have a personal website, consider making one.

An unflattering picture, a bunch of petty comments about someone who gets your goat on an internet forum, or (worse) a pile of information that just paints an inaccurate picture of who you really are.

If you find that you’re not pleased with how the internet reflects you, there are two basic approaches to fixing it: removing stuff, and patching up blank spots.

In certain cases, it’s possible that you could pursue legal action, but that’s outside the scope of this article, so let’s just assume for the moment that the nasty info stays. Your best bet is to make sure that there’s lots of information about you on the internet.