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You have to decide if you want something traditional or original, family-inspired or out of the box – and then you probably have to get at least one other human on board with your decision.

An awkward detail was that Andromeda was already engaged to her uncle, but Perseus turned him into stone, which got rid of him nicely.

The name is pronounced an-DROHM-eh-da, and is said to mean “to think as a man” in Greek, interpreted as meaning to be as intelligent or brave as a man – which sounds a bit sexist, but the story isn’t exactly a feminist fairytale, and it’s clearly meant to be complimentary.

Carina also has meteor showers which peak around Australia Day, and contains the Diamond Cross, sister to the Southern Cross.

Considering that the winged keel on is said to have won us the America’s Cup in 1983, Carina adds up to being a patriotic star name (and suitable for boaties).

It means “little she-goat” in Latin, and represents the divine goat Amalthea from Roman mythology.