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A lot of the songs are forgettable, with unexceptional vocals and less-than-catchy beats.

Caillat has maintained a steady style of music ever since her first breakout song “Bubbly.” Continuing her signature beach-girl flair, she croons out 12 songs in .

Caillat also features artists Brad Paisley, Gavin Degraw, Jason Reeves and Justin Young in various songs.

A glammed-out Caillat begins the song by reciting the components of a common routine: "Put your makeup on; get your nails done; curl your hair." Meanwhile, women of all races, shapes, and sizes lip-sync along.

Colbie Marie Calliat, born May 28 1985, is a Grammy winning acoustic pop star who knows the ukelele, the guitar and the piano.

This album had an extensive recording session and 21 songs came out from it.