Cant acces usb disk after updating windows

cant acces usb disk after updating windows-17

It is important that your computer passes the POST test, else, if it doesn’t, you might hear the beep sound which is an indication of hardware malfunction.

Before we move on to the issue of BIOS accessibility in Windows 10, we look at the important functions that are performed by BIOS. Here, we list out the functions of BIOS, and this may help you to understand why it is important to solve the issue where you can’t enter BIOS.

BIOS or Basic Input Output System is often difficult to access when one is working on Windows 10.

However, one does feel the need to access this component, and therefore, through this article, we shall address the issue when you can’t enter BIOS.

"I am simply trying to delete a few unused folders. "It is annoying when Windows tells you are not allowed to access folders or files on your own PC. As we know, permission is the basic factor for users to access files and folders on PC. Click on your name in "Group or user names" to check the permission that you have.