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(Through his attorney, Allen declined to be interviewed.) Because the boys pleaded guilty, many of the case’s crucial details remain unknown even to law enforcement.

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As she was heading toward a display case, Gooch felt a tingling on her right arm and collapsed to the floor. From the facts that were available, it appeared that a team of four men, described as Caucasian, in their 20s, had stolen some of the most prized books and manuscripts in the university’s collection, and attacked a librarian in the process. The thieves left no fingerprints behind, and there were almost no witnesses. Still shaken from her ordeal, Gooch, in her 50s, told police that shortly after entering the Rare Book Room with the two men she had been struck on the arm with a Taserlike weapon, her hands and feet were bound with zip ties, and a wool cap was pulled over her eyes. The minimum-security Federal Correctional Institution in Ashland, Kentucky, 125 miles from Lexington, houses approximately 1,200 inmates in multi-story cellblocks encircled by concentric layers of razor-topped fencing and fortified guard towers.

By one o’clock that afternoon, the 227-year-old liberal-arts college was swarming with campus police, uniformed Lexington Police, plainclothes detectives, and forensic teams, as well as local news crews covering the developing “Transy Book Heist,” a crime that would one day be listed among the F. The Lexington Police Department’s commercial-burglary squad was assigned to the case. notified all the airports in the area, dispatched officers to surrounding neighborhoods, and called the F. Though she couldn’t recall much else about her assailants, one odd detail stood out.“[Beckman] said, ‘B. Among the prisoners are three of the four unlikely masterminds behind the Transy Book Heist: Warren Lipka, Spencer Reinhard, and Eric Borsuk.

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By far the most common theory around town was that the heist had been just a frat prank that spun way out of control.