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Mia’s students, peers & mentors have noted her as a dedicated, live-changing influence of positivity in their lives.

Mia has a way of touching each human she encounters with passion, emotional expression, and confidence of self-love.

Talia has even worked with directors Mia Michaels and Brian Friedman.https:// Mt-4dnbfp/?

taken-by=talia_favia She toured as an Elite Protege with The Pulse on Tour in the year 2009 and even has worked behind the scenes with SYTYCD (the US and Canada), assisting some of the industry’s top names. Her birthday falls on the 4th of April, which makes her age 27. No any information regarding her parents and family background is confined.

Included in Mia’s diverse experience is the critically acclaimed New York based dance company RAW for which she was the founder, artistic director, & choreographer.

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