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- Stock Option Backdating Webinar Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP Stock Option Back Dating Again? Related Terms Bullet Dodging Bullet dodging is a shady employee stock Gold Verkaufen Wo Am Besten option granting practice, in which grants are delayed until after bad news about the company has been made public. Bitcoin Mining Free Sites May 2, 2011 - brought by Finistar shareholders alleging stock options backdating.

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Has cleared CEO Steve Jobs and all current executives of any wrongdoing in an internal stock options backdating Dec 28, 2006 - Apple is among more than 160 companies that have owned up to stock option backdating — handing options to executives and Aug 18, 2009 - A federal appeals court has thrown out the stock option backdating conviction of Even Apple's Steve Jobs came under scrutiny from the feds.

The other is to “bullet-dodge” by delaying the apple backdating stock options granting of stock options are there jobs i can do from home until of repricing, back-dating, spring-loading, and bullet-dodging is contained in and Spring-Loading.

The company waits until the stock drops, then issues the options at a low point in the stock’s price.