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Using javascript, how can we auto insert the current DATE and TIME into a form input field.I'm building a "Problems" form to keep track of user submitted complaints about a certain service. I want to save the staff here from having to manually enter the date and time each time they open the form.I thought it was pretty self-explanatory: "dating" is the act of going on "dates," right? The other day, my friends and I were talking (read: extensively gossiping) about an acquaintance and her new boy.

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Then someone say if someone asks if you've been "dating" that guy you've been with the past couple of months?!

What are you agreeing to when someone asks if you want to "date" them?!

Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo.

The tools are designed to be cool and entertain, but also help aspiring writers create a range of different media, including plots, lyrics for songs, poems, letters and names.

I have this snippet of code: It sounds like you are going to be storing the value that input field contains after the form is submitted, which means you are using a scripting language.