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Of course, the biggest sign that he isn’t relationship material for you is if you’re just not into him, and though crappy romantic comedies may suggest otherwise, there’s not much you can do for a lack of attraction.If a guy isn’t relationship material, don’t force it. Part of the ORIGINAL WOULDA SHOULDA COULDA SERIES ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTESrn The Q: What if Nicole didn’t show up to go skiing with Luke in Keg!

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The bad news is that you may have to work on some things in yourself before you would even recognize that special someone.

This simple quiz may help you find those things you need to address.

When Shipping a pair of characters, fans often combine the characters' names into a portmanteau word.

They then use this word to refer to the couple as a unit.

Previously HSMand Chelsea FCfan Luke and Lorelai didn't get back together and Luke's not too happy about it.

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    Nobody has to know who you truly are because you don’t have to create an account.

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    For example, the first Starbucks store in Beijing, China, was the target of significant public opposition.

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