Are the jonas brothers dating anyone

It was only after their recent reunion that they revealed how the rings became a major talking point they were forced to contend with.

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But in the midst of BTS mania and the continuing fascination with boy band lore, the brothers came back together last year for a Backstreet-style Amazon documentary that would look back at their trajectory.

They also embarked on making music together, and their musical reappearance is achieving surprising success on the charts: The first single off their forthcoming album, “Sucker,” shot to the top of Billboard last month, becoming their first-ever No. And their recent single “Cool” immediately jumped to the top of Itunes and was trending at No. Last week it debuted in the top 30, and the brothers just announced the songs are part of a new album: Happiness Begins.

It was a (sanitized) cover of Busted’s “Year 3000” in which the brothers sing about traveling into the future to find (inexplicably) “boy bands” and to discover that their records outsold Kelly Clarkson (random but it rhymed).

They nabbed the opening spot on Miley Cyrus’s tour and the first album went platinum, effectively going from opening act to arena headliners in six weeks.

Their last studio album underwhelmed commercially in 2009, prompting a hiatus, and their last musical incarnation struggled to gain a foothold before they officially disbanded in 2013.