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But if we do this, we immediately find outselves from the fourth quarter of the first century into the third quarter of the first century.

Matthew is considered earlier than Luke because it is in some respects closer to Mark, including that the anti-Jewish rhetoric of Luke then John is less evident in Matthew.

There are those who will go to eternal life, and there are those who will go to eternal shame, (Dan. Eli further explained via live video streaming after the consultation part of the event.

Daniel Razon, the Vice-Presiding Minister to MCGI, asked the elderly and the members of the VIDP to pray to God for more help in reaching out the brethren in need and fellowmen.

“We hope that you’ll help us pray to God for guidance and help in order in order to render more help to our brethren and fellowmen,” said Bro.

In the Members Church of God International (MCGI), senior citizens and persons with disability or Very Important Disabled Persons (VIDP) are regarded with high concern and respect. Eli Soriano said that the religious program Ang Dating Daan that is now 33 years in broadcasting started as a radio program.

“To all our brothers and sisters abroad, we are commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the program, Ang Dating Daan,” said Bro. “With God’s help and inspiration, we started this program 33 years ago in radio, in a radio station in the Philippines.” For his part, Bro.

The annual convention included games and other activities to promote health and foster brotherly bonding.