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In normal clean install, user interaction is required in phases 1 and 3, phase 2 being run automatically without user interaction.

In phase 1 user selects language and keyboard layout settings for setup process and system accounts, enters product key for specific edition or selects edition manually and accepts license if product key is not entered at this stage, and selects disk and partition to install Windows.

I am used to using upper-case letters for both parts of the language ID myself. Right click Disk Configuration under Microsoft-Windows-Setup in the Answer File pane, then select Insert New Disk: Next, select the new disk in the Answer File pane, and edit its properties.

Disk ID tells Windows Setup which disk to use to install Windows, where Disk ID 0 is the primary hard disk (Disk ID 1 = second HDD, and so on).

Creating install media for a GPT partitioned / UEFI system, we need to create four partitions (Win RE, EFI, MSR, Windows).