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The page reads bottom to top in a boustrophedon pattern; it traces her story from her birth (lower right) to her betrothal to Lord 11 Wind (top). • ix 187 192 193 198 208 209 210 218 233 234 236 238 241 246 247 256 257 x • List of Illustrations 11.3 Pictographic records of the Spanish arrival and conquest: a, Codex en Cruz 3a–b (after Dibble 1981, atlas); b, Codex Mexicanus 76–77. 11.4 Litigation document for a property dispute involving the Texcocan ruler Tlauitoltzin. Drawing of b by John Montgomery; drawings of others by Markus Eberl. The khipu in his hand closely resembles patrimonial specimens from Tupicocha. 12.2 Guaman Poma’s colonial ‘Astrologer poet who knows the cycle of the sun and moon and of the stars and comets…’ carries the same sort of khipu.

Sources: afh, Boturini 19, 5, 20; b, Bodley 28b; de, Selden 6c, 1c; g, Mendoza 8r; i, Bodley 15c. 11.2 Codex Selden, a Mixtec res gestae history recording the life of Lady 6 Monkey. a, the accession of Philip II to the Spanish throne in 1557, Codex Aubin 50v; b, the deaths of the Spanish queen and the wife of the Viceroy in 1581, Codex Aubin 62v. 258 11.6 Pictorial catechism, recording the Fourteen Articles of the Faith and the Ten Commandments. 268 11.8 Representation of the quality or content of speech in preconquest and colonial manuscripts: a, oral expression involving corn; b, words probably about Lord 7 Flower; c, discussion of severed ears presented to the ruler of Culhuacan; d, the instructions to sever the ears; e, Lady 6 Monkey and Lady 9 Grass discuss war; f, Tezozomoc calls for war against Etla and requires the Acolhua to make cloaks for him; g, a long stream of sequent symbols representing the content of a speech act. The headline says, ‘The councilman shall keep book and khipu of accounts’.

On the Demise of Egyptian Writing: Working with a Problematic Source Basis Martin Andreas Stadler 157 8. A Tentative Scenario for the Disappearance of the Meroitic Script Claude Rilly 183 9. Larger symbols indicate greater numbers of attested documents. She is the recipient of Mexico’s Order of the Aztec Eagle and was named Andrew W.

Script Obsolescence in Ancient Italy: From Pre-Roman to Roman Writing Kathryn Lomas 109 6. The Fate of a Forgotten Indic Script Richard Salomon 139 vi • Contents 7. Crete and Thera/Santorini, showing sites producing Linear A documents. Solid squares indicate sites with only administrative documents; solid circles, those with only non-administrative documents; and solid triangles, those with examples of both. Formerly Director of Pre-Columbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, she holds the Martha and Donald Robertson Chair in Latin American Art at Tulane University.

This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. He maintains an informal affiliation with the Freie Universität Berlin and Wolfson College, Oxford, and continues to research the ancient exact sciences and cuneiform divina- xiv • Notes on Contributors tion and religion.

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