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Because advertisements like this Puma ad are circulating through the media, the long-term effects of this strategy will not be good.

Although it positively raises the profit percentages of many companies, in the long run, they will directly, negatively affect the very audience their advertisements targeted.

For instance, in 1999, Judy Foerm, Ford Motor’s brand manager, targeted her advertising around the “young trendsetters”, with a goal to sell about 50% of Ford Focus’s to the youth as well as the “baby boomers”.

By the end of the year, she accomplished her goal when sales showed that 46% of Ford Focus’s were sold to young adults (Halliday 1).

Over the past several weeks, federal, state and local police have made 59 arrests and checked on more than 1,800 sex offenders to determine whether they are compliant with the law and the terms of their parole.